Time for a room makeover?

When we moved into our house nearly three years ago the whole house, and it’s bumpy 70 year old walls, was quickly painted with magnolia paint from top to bottom apart from Imogen’s room which was decorated in lilac and white. It has served it’s purpose but now that her curtain pole won’t stay up despite the Pollifiller’s efforts we have decided that it is time to take the plunge, have her walls re-plastered and re-decorate. That’s the easy bit, the tough bit will be deciding what to actually do with it!

Imogen was four at the end of last month and growing up very quickly, so I want to give her a bedroom that she will love now and for some time to come. So, as Joseph napped this afternoon Imogen and I sat down to do some browsing at the range of goodies available form Next in hope of some inspiration.

Here are just a selection of the bits and pieces that she’s picked out.

And a few pieces that have been marked as a must have.

Dress Mirror just because it’s glorious!

Table and Chairs Storage Set because it’s ultra practical.

Newhaven Furniture Range because it’s great value and will grow with her.

Why don’t you enter the Next Room Re-Style Competition over on their Facebook Page for your chance to win a room re-style worth £1500??

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We’re on the move!

Me and my kiddywinks has now moved to www.meandmykiddywinks.co.uk please pop over and check us out!!!

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The Wean Machine Review

Joseph got bored very quickly with his baby rice, so I decided that it was time to start introducing some different tastes.  I was delighted to receive The Wean Machine to review. 

My first thought was that it was something Imogen would love to squidge some play doh through, and essentially that is what it does. Squidge, just not play doh!!!! 

The Wean Machine works on the same principle as a garlic press, pushing squished food up into a “bowl” at the top.  It’s fully self-contained and comes with two grills, a small and a large, ideal for introducing more texture into food.  It also has it’s own spoon which cleverly clips on and a cover. 

Because it’s self-contained it’s great for travel, holidays, out and about as well as in the home.  There’s no need to carry a bowl or spoon, as baby can be fed straight from the integral “bowl” using the spoon provided.  It’s also noise free and if you have a small kitchen, like me, you’ll be pleased to hear that it fits nicely into the cutlery drawer.

One of the things I didn’t enjoy about weaning Imogen was constantly getting the blender out and cleaning the darn thing three times a day, with The Wean Machine there is no need.  It’s easy to clean, is dishwasher safe and suitable for all types of sterilisation (apart from microwave).  I have just been feeding Joseph the vegetables we have with our dinner.  Imogen, apart from the rare occasion, always ate the same as us and I really believe that this has helped her not to be too fussy now. 

The Wean Machine will squidge most foods including meat (lasagne, chicken, fish and sausages will work well) and it’s ideal for potatoes, and there is no need to peel,the skin stays on the other side of the grill.  The texture is just perfect for Joseph, anyone who has ever blended potatoes has to agree that they look like wallpaper paste!

The Wean Machine’s website is full with useful information, tips and recipes.  There is also a Squidge-O-Meter to let you know what is squidgeable.  We’ve tried well steamed carrot, potato, avocado, strawberries and bananas and they’ve turned out beautifully and gone down a treat!!

The Wean Machine is a great product, a must have for weaning, and comes very highly recommended.  Oh, and don’t just take my word for it, take a look here at all of the awards it’s won.

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Is this the end of the terrible twos?

Over the past couple of weeks Hubby and I have noticed a dramatic change in Imogen’s behaviour.  She’s never been an evil child, she’s just very strong willed and will sulk and paddy if she doesn’t get her own way.  I really can’t think where she gets it from!!!!  

Imogen started with the terrible twos at about 19 months old and would regularly throw massive hissy fits, either in public or at home.  I still have a scar on my left forearm from where she bite me so badly she drew blood! 

She has always been an excellent communicator and has understood simple instructions from a very young age.  This has only improved as she got older and we’ve been able to hold long conversations and reason with her for ages.  I can only think that her tantrums were caused by her desire for independence.  Her nickname is Little Miss Independent and the phrase I hear her say the most is ” I do it all by myself Mummy!”  This sometimes leads to mess and disaster as Little Miss Independent comes a cropper.  I’ll always remember the time she decided to use the toilet without her seat or any help and ending up right in the bowl. We were both laughing so hard it took 5 minutes to ger her out!

Imogen turned three at the end March, so I’ve been dealing with the terrible twos for nearly 18 months.  I can’t tell you how pleased I am to see the back of them.

If you’re trying to deal with toddler tantrums have a look at this advice from BBC Health.


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Gumigem Teething Survival Pack Review and Gumigem Giveaway

Are you fed up of constantly changing your teething baby’s drool covered tops?  Are you worried about your teething baby gnawing on inappropriate things?  Does your baby look like this?…….

Then you need this….

The Gumigem Teething Survival Pack!!

Like many Mums I know, I haven’t worn jewellery since Imogen was born over three years ago.  I was worried about her tugging and chewing on my necklaces and concerned about what they were made of. 

Gumigem is an innovative solution to accessorizing and teething.  They are necklaces, worn by Mum, that will soothe your babies sore gums, keep them occupied whilst feeding and look ultra stylish.  They come in a huge range of colours and designs to match any outfit.  Gumigem are the only UK made Mummy neckalce which accommodates both the need for mums to be stylish and babies to teethe on for relief of symptoms. 

Made from a similar material to most teethers they are BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex and Phthalate free.  The silicon used also meets FDA standards.  They feature a long cord, so there is plenty of each of baby, and a breakaway clasp.  Gumigem can also withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for all types of sterilisation. 

The Gumigem Teething Survival Pack has been cleverly put together to provide you with a solution to the three most common symptoms of a teething baby. 

  1. Chewing –  A Gumigem, so you can soothe on the move.  Chewing will help relive the pressure on sore gums.
  2. Drool –  A Drybib Bandana Bib, an absorbent and stylish way to protect tops, necks and chins from drool and prevent rashes.
  3. Discomfort – Nelsons Teetha, a homeopathic remedy specially designed to provide soothing relief for a teething baby.

We were very lucky to receive the Gumigem Teething Survival Pack to review and I was very impressed.  The Gumigem is beautiful and Joseph loved chewing and playing with it and certainly did relieve some pain.  It was great to be able to accessorize safely again and to also have a teether around my neck when Joe needed it.  You’d never know it was a teether!  He also looked rather cute in his Drybib, it kept me from changing his top 5 times a day and gave my poor washing machine a much-needed break.  The Nelsons Teetha provided Joe with pain relief and are conveniently individually packaged, ideal when you’re on the move.  Small tip, I found it easier to give these to Joe from a spoon rather than a packet. 

The Gumigem Teething Survival Pack is priced at £20.00 plus P&P and available from the Gumigem shop

Gumigem makes a wonderful gift for any Mum or Mum to Be, but if nobody takes the hint, treat yourself.  At £12.50 plus very reasonable P&P costs, it won’t break the bank and after all it’s for the baby!!!

For more information on Gumigem and Teething Support check out Gumigem’s website here.

Would you like to win a Gumigem of your choice?  Then follow these simple steps to be in with a chance.

  1. Become a fan of Gumigem on Facebook here.
  2. Become a fan of Me and My Kiddywinks on Facebook here.
  3. Post the following into your Facebook status “I’d love to win a @Gumigem Teething Necklace with @me and my kiddywinks”    

Please make sure that you have tagged Gumigem and Meandmykiddywinks into your status and that they appear in blue writting.

Only one entry is permitted per person and the competition will close at 9pm on 31st May 2011.  The winner will be announced shortly after.

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MAM Anti-Colic Self Sterilising Bottle

We received  a Anti-Colic Self Sterilising Bottle and a lovely Soother from MAM UK

With the holiday season fast approaching the MAM Anti-Colic Self Sterilising Bottle is a must have item for your babies suitcase.  It’s a genius product, as there is no need for a bulky steriliser and they need just 3 minutes in the microwave.

Here’s how they work –

Fill the base with 20ml of water.  (There’s a measuring guide on the lid)

Place the components of the bottle on top of the base.

Pop the lid on.

Place in the microwave for 3 minutes.

These MAM UK bottles are Anti-Colic due the ventilation holes in the base, which ensures a smooth milk flow and babies don’t swallow any air.  If you have or have ever had a baby with colic, you’ll understand just how important this is.  Believe me, I know!!!!

Joseph really loved these bottles and it certainly was easier to wind him after wards.  I personally found the fact the whole bottle came apart made it really easy to clean.  The MAM Anti-Colic Bottle is not only great for holidays it’s also great to promote the fresh feed guidelines.  They are also BPA free.

These bottles come in three sizes (130ml, 160ml and 260ml)various colours and are available to buy from the MAM UK shop.

As I mentioned earlier, we were also sent a very pretty soother from MAM UK.  unfortunately, Joseph is not a fan of soothers, so I am unable to provide a review on it.  The soother was donated to a friend of mine whose little girl was more than grateful and gave  it the thumbs up!!!

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Hasbro’s Pop Goes Froggio Review

Pop Goes Froggio is another Hasbro game received from Mummy News to review.

Pop goes Froggio is for ages 3+ and for 2-4 players.

Inside the box there is Butterfly spinner, plastic tube, foam Froggio, lily pad launcher and 12 character lily pads. 

It’s really easy to set up, just connect the butterfly spinner to the plastic tube and then the lily pad launcher.  Froggio sits on top of the butterfly spinner.  Then spread all of the character lily pads on the floor around Froggio, face down.

The aim of the game is to collect the most lily pads.

To play Pop goes Froggio, spin the butterfly spinner.  When it stops all players look for the matching picture by turning over the lily pads.  If you don’t find a matching lily pad put it back, face down and keep looking.  If the picture does match put the lily pad on the floor face up, run to Froggio and stomp on the launcher to pop Froggio.  Catch Froggio before he lands on the floor.  If you catch him, you keep the matching character lily pad.  If not, the lily pad goes back on the floor face down.  Keep spinning until all of the lily pads have been collected.  The player with the most wins!!!!

When I tried to explain how to play to 3-year-old Imogen, she just looked at me open-mouthed!!!  However, there is a version for younger children.  Rather than placing cards face down, put them face up.  Also, rather than having to catch Froggio, they can pick him up off the floor. 

Imogen still seemed quite confused by this, but I thought we’d give it a go anyway and she wrote her own rules.  This is how to play the Imogen way.  Set up in the same way, spin the butterfly and then pop Froggio.  When Froggio has popped and landed on the floor, place him on top of the matching character lily pad.  Collect the lily pad and continue until you run out of lily pads.  It seemed to work well!!

Pop goes Froggio is a great game and it hasn’t been back in  the box since it arrived.  Imogen found it easy to launch Froggio into the air and loved matching up the cards.  I hope it will improve her catching skills over time too. 

Oh, and just in case you’re concerned about Froggio taking out your chandeliers or teeth!! He’s made from foam, so perfectly safe.

For more information on Pop goes Froggio including where to buy yours, check out Hasbro’s website here.

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