Time for a room makeover?

When we moved into our house nearly three years ago the whole house, and it’s bumpy 70 year old walls, was quickly painted with magnolia paint from top to bottom apart from Imogen’s room which was decorated in lilac and white. It has served it’s purpose but now that her curtain pole won’t stay up despite the Pollifiller’s efforts we have decided that it is time to take the plunge, have her walls re-plastered and re-decorate. That’s the easy bit, the tough bit will be deciding what to actually do with it!

Imogen was four at the end of last month and growing up very quickly, so I want to give her a bedroom that she will love now and for some time to come. So, as Joseph napped this afternoon Imogen and I sat down to do some browsing at the range of goodies available form Next in hope of some inspiration.

Here are just a selection of the bits and pieces that she’s picked out.

And a few pieces that have been marked as a must have.

Dress Mirror just because it’s glorious!

Table and Chairs Storage Set because it’s ultra practical.

Newhaven Furniture Range because it’s great value and will grow with her.

Why don’t you enter the Next Room Re-Style Competition over on their Facebook Page for your chance to win a room re-style worth £1500??

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